2015 Seminar

Saturday, Sept. 12, 2015
Just $25

Hernando Christian Academy

7200 Emerson Rd Brooksville, FL

Check-In begins at 8:15 AM

classes begin at 9:00 AM

The Seminar will be over at 2:15 PM




Answers to All Your Questions

 What Is It All About?
This training seminar is a great opportunity to learn under some Fantastic Instructors!
Students will participate in three core classes in the morning and will choose one elective to attend after Lunch.
There will be a whole group Training Fun Challenge at the end of the day.

What are the Core Classes?

1.   “Stranger Danger” Seminar (Kids 12 and Under) and Practical Self-  Defense for Older Students. Class instructed by Master Buddy Palmer

2. Creative Kicking Combinations and Speed with Master Thomas Knight

3. Competition Sparring with Master William Spivey

What are the “After Lunch” Elective Classes

Participants choose their own class after lunch! The choices are;

1. Bo Tactics with Shihan Jose Monger.

Important Note- Students should bring their own Bo. A straight bo preferred and not tapered. There will be partner assisted drills that requite the bo to be strong.

2. Katas that Win! – Sensai John Cleveland will teach the best ways to win that next kata competition!

3. Advanced Self Defense- Master Thomas Knight focuses on Advanced Self Defense with special attention to Knife Defense.

What About Parents?– Parent(s) of students are welcome to stay for the whole seminar or leave after registration and come back at a later time.
Parents will inform the registration team if they are staying on site or leaving and returning.

What About Lunch?- Participants / families are welcome to bring their lunch or purchase lunch and support Hernando Christian Academy.
There will be a couple simple lunch specials available.
Additionally, the concession stand will remain open throughout the seminar for snacks and drinks for participants and parents.

Lunch Special #1- Pulled Pork Sandwich with Chips and Beverage – $6

Lunch Special #2- Deli Sandwich with Chips and beverage – $6

When registering, please indicate which lunch specials and how many you would like to order.
The Lunch specials are payable directly to the HCA Concession Stand and not to KFTK.

Who Can Participate? All belt ranks from Beginners through Black Belt are welcome and encouraged to participate.
Participants should be at least 7 Years Old.

What Should Participants Bring?

Great question. Here is a list.

– Participants have two choices of Clothing.

1. Full Gi

2. Gi bottoms and Plain T-Shirt or T-Shirt from your Home Karate Club    (Preferable)

*Please note: Your Instructor may choose to require you to be in full gi. Be sure to ask.

– Money for Concession Stand (If Needed)

– Sparring Gear. Head, Hands, Feet, and Mouth Guard.

– Running Shoes for end of Day Activity.

– A teachable attitude and friendly face!

What Are the Seminar Guidelines?

We will have a group meeting before we start to remind everyone but here are a few.

– There is 100% participation in all classes by all students unless health reasons warrant otherwise.

– Students are to follow the Instructions of all Seminar Teachers and the Seminar Leadership Team.

– Participants are to remain in the group they have been assigned to.

– Participants under the age of 18 must be with their seminar group or their parents. Participants under the age of 18 may not wander around the facility unsupervised.

How Much Does this Cost?

The cost of the Seminar is only $25 for the entire day of training from expert instructors!

Registrations Are Open!

Click here and Sign Up NOW!

If you have any questions, concerns or troubles signing up please call us 352-428-6348 or email answers@dlgunn.com